Tina DiCicco

TINA DICICCO is a creative director, graphic artist, illustrator and filmmaker – a storyteller through several mediums. A graduate in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Tina has worked as a professional artist for over twenty years creating visual solutions for a spectrum of clients. Her talent spans print and web design, animated character design, illustration, writing, 3-dimensional mosaic work and video vignettes. In 2005, Tina created the logo for the Jet Propulsion Lab’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission. Her 15’ logo remains on the nosecone of the Atlas V Rocket, now resting on the bottom of the Atlantic. In 2007, she co-wrote and illustrated “Curse of the Bone Pirates,” an eco-fiction novel published by Greenleaf Book Group. Currently, she designs for Buff Multifunctional Headwear, PlanetBox, and is co-creating several animated series concepts with Aleks Muñoz, director and founder of FYI Films, Los Angeles.

In 2010, a synergy formed when artists, Boback Emad and Tina DiCicco, collaborated on several videos. The potent blending of their creative energies culminated in the creation of Alchemy Studios, a film company that strives to capture the moments in learning that spark imagination.

Link to Alchemy Studios’ TEDxTalk